Mobile Car Wash & Detailing Services in Greenwich, CT

Here at Formula X Auto Detailing we know that taking the time to keep up with car care is not easy. That’s why we strive to ensure our customer’s in Greenwich, CT have the best service by providing convenience and excellent results, so you can have the peace of mind that your car is handled with care and the job is done the right way.

We care for your car as much as you do because we are you when it comes to our cars. We take the time to ensure that we cover every aspect of your car with our Mobile car wash & detailing services in Greenwich, CT. From bumper to bumper, we seek out dirt, stains, scratches and other removable cosmetic imperfections that compromise the look of your car.

Save the hassle of being stuck in traffic and have us detail your car in the convenience of your own home or work place with our mobile auto detailing services. Delivering an excellence's focused and detailed solutions to clients that simply desire the best for their vehicle.

Gold Complete Detail (Exterior & Interior) | 6-7 | hours | 

  • Includes our Sliver Premium Exterior Detail + (Note) add on services can be combined

  • Steam cleaning of headliner and shampooing of floormat carpeting

  • Thorough vacuuming of the entire vehicle

  • All leather deep cleaned of built up grime/body oils

  • All leather treated with premium conditioner to protect the hide and restore suppleness with a beautiful matte finish for the factory fresh look and feel.

  • All dash, door, & console surfaces deep cleaned & detailed

  • Streak-free window clean

  • Steam cleaning of any cloth upholstery/seats

  • All interior crevices steam cleaned and sanitized

Silver Premium Exterior Detail | 3-4 | hours |

  • Clay Bar decontamination to thoroughly cleanse paint surface prior to sealant

    • Premium polymer sealant (6 months durability)

  • Wheels sealed to protect against the elements

  • Exterior glass sealed to repel water (Hydrophobic).

  • Exterior plastics and trim dressed with matte finish dressing that restores color and luster.

  • Metal exhaust tips polished and sealed

Bronze Basic Exterior Detail | 2-3 | hours |               

  • Thorough safe hand car wash and wax/ thorough cleanse of all door jams/gas cap

  • Iron- decontamination/ wheel and wheel wells cleanse/ tire dressing

  • Streak free window cleaning

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