Professional Auto Detailing Services In CT

Are you looking for Professional Auto Detailing in CT that provides a high quality of excellent customer service and amazing results? than look no further.

Formula X Auto Detailing is a Auto Detailing Shop based out of Stamford CT, servicing all lower Fairfiled County and parts of Westchester NY offering a variety of car detailing services from Ceramic Pro Coatings, Paint Correction, to Mobile Car Cleaning that comes to you. Our focus is to deliver an excellence's of high quality detailing services and custom care solutions to clients that simply desire the best for their vehicle.

Here at Formula X Auto Detailing we understand how important it is to keep your car’s paint protected. If you’ve been searching for the best auto detailing Connecticut has to offer, than you’ve found it here at Formula X Auto Detailing. We know how Important it is to protect and preserve your investment so we offer our clients a variety of Ceramic Pro Packages. Ceramic Pro is the industry leading paint protection in the automotive industry. Our technicians are highly trained and certified installer’s guaranteeing you a flawless installation. you can rest assure your vehicle will receive an unmatched level of service with our expert staff at Formula X Auto detailing.

Adding Ceramic Pro to your vehicle will ensure that it is protected from the elements of the roads here in Stamford CT. After adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle, you can have the peace of mind knowing your car is protected from chemical etching, water spotting, and the harsh UV rays of the sun. Dirt, debris, and maintenance will become a breeze to clean with Ceramic Pro’s hydrophobic layer that causes dirt and grime to slide right off your vehicles paint. Your search for auto detailing In Stamford Ct ends here with us at Formula X Auto Detailing.

Our focus is to deliver an excellence's of high quality detailing services and custom care solutions to clients that simply desire the best for their vehicle. Contact us today so we can partner with you to customize a package of car care services for the needs of you and your vehicle.

Learn how we can preserve the longevity of your vehicles paint work from the dangers of the environmental weather and extreme climate changes that cause clear coat failure, chemical etching, residue staining, and, oxidation.

if you are you looking to maintain the value and would like the ultimate protection for your vehicle then we would like to give you a peace of mind what a ceramic coating can offer your cars paint.

Is your vehicles paint just not as shine anymore? This happens to a lot of vehicles, weather it be through improper washing, automated car washes, harsh elements on the road or simply lack of proper car care.

Swirls and scratches devalue a vehicles paint work and cause an inferior level of shine making a cars appearance look dull by diffusing the gloss and dulling the reflections. Enhance the gloss and preserve the value in your vehicle's paint by reconditioning and removing those damaging swirls, micro marring and scratches. See how we can restore your vehicles paint!

Are you looking for mobile car detailing in Connecticut that provides excellent customer service and amazing results? Than look no further. Daily driving and use of your vehicle can cause beverage spill staining, heavy soil build up, and other kinds of wear.

Formula X Auto Detailing offers professional mobile car detailing in the greater Connecticut. Save the hassle of being stuck in traffic and have us detail your car in the convenience of your own home or work place.