Step One Paint Correction 

Includes our Silver Exterior Protection Detail but can be combined with additional service's

Step one paint correction.jpg

Our Step One Paint Correction service is perfect for those looking to restore and remove light haze and light swirling that has embedded on the vehicles paint. This is ideally reserved for car paint that is not heavily damaged, and does not have many defects. The service performs a light to moderate cleansing of the surface, making a noticeable difference in the gloss level to bring back clarity and add a layer of protection to make a big impact in the overall look and feel of the paints finish.

A car that has heavier scratching and swirling will need something more than a simple one step polish. A Step Two Paint Correction service is often necessary. This service is designed to enhance the paints finish to a certain level of perfection but results may vary depending on how severe and damaged the vehicles paint condition is. 

Condition varies greatly from car to car which is why we always recommend an in person consultation so that we can gauge what might be necessary to get your cars paint looking better than new!

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