Toyota FJ40 Paint Correction & full Car Detail

The primary goal of this service is to perform a light to moderate cleansing of the surface, removing light swirls & scratches, making a difference in the gloss level to bring back clarity and add a layer of protection making a big impact in the overall look and feel of the paints finish. You can read more about this service here. 

  • Preparatory detail & decontamination

  • Paint Correction to perfect the finish & polish to a high gloss

  • Full Car Detail with a 6 month polymer sealant applied on wheels, all painted surfaces and exhaust tips.

Toyota FJ 40 Detailed (2).JPG
Toyota FJ 40 Detailed.JPG
Toyota FJ 40 interior detal.JPG
Cleaning Car Streeing Wheel.JPG
Toyota FJ 40 Interior Detailed.JPG
Car Engine Detailing Before.JPG
Car Engine bay Detailing_ After.JPG
Hand Washing Car.JPG
Claying Exterior of Car.JPG
Paint Correction on car (2).JPG
Paint Correction Before and After (2).JPG
Front of Toyota FJ 40.JPG
Toyota Fj 40.JPG
Detailed Toyota FJ 40.JPG
Toyota FJ 40 Detailed (3).JPG