Paint Correction In CT

Is your vehicles paint just not as shine anymore? This happens to a lot of vehicles, weather it be through improper washing, automated car washes, harsh elements on the road or simply lack of proper car care.

Enhance the gloss and protect your vehicles paint with our paint correction (buffing and polishing services) which are sure remove and diminish the level of defects and starches allowing for crisps, mirror like reflections.

Using multi abrasive compounds and polishes helping to remove surface defects and swirling permanently while also refining the paints surface to reveal stunning levels of gloss.

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What Causes Swirls & Scratches ?

Swirls are caused by dirt and other contaminants from the harsh elements rubbing against the paint. Low quality towels, dirty towels, and dirty wash sponges can cause very serious swirling. Automated car washes are at the top of the list for causing swirls.

This is what diminishes your paint from its clarity and shine. Improper maintenance can potentially face worst conditioning of clear coat peeling, intensive deep scratching and eventually get to the point of no return. Resulting in unavailability to repaired unless being repainted which can be highly expensive costing thousands of dollars.Swirls are actually fine thin scratches all over the paint that reflect back with light. They make cars look dull by diffusing the gloss and dulling the reflections.

How Can I Remove Swirls?

This is where a professional can help you. The process of a paint correction (buffing and polishing) is a high level skill that requires a high level of expertise and knowledge. A true paint correction will remove surface defects and swirling permanently while also refining the paints surface to reveal stunning levels of gloss. 

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Will Removed Marks Reappear?

NO, any marring removed by our paint correction services are gone for good.

New marks may appear over time (we can't stop future scratches), but we'll provide you with free, simple advice to help limit future damage caused by valeting and keep the paintwork in top condition.

How Can I Prevent Swirls?

To prevent your vehicles paint finish becoming dull and cause damage that leaves an inferior level of shine. We strongly recommend to invest in our paint correction services. Paint correction is highly dependent on the paints condition and varies greatly from car to car which is why we always recommend an in person consultation so that we can gauge what might be necessary to get your cars paint looking better than new!

To find out more on pricing and estimates feel free to call today at (203) 945-9454 or simply visit our Contact page for other easy ways to get in touch.

Prices will vary based on vehicle's size and paints condition